Different Colors Hugging Apron Towel


1. Wear the towel as an apron and fasten the pins around your neck.
2. At this stage the towel is placed on top of the user as a large apron and the user's hands are available for lifting the baby and removing
him or her from the bath.
3. With one hand and a hug, hold the baby close to the user's body, with the towel used as a buffer and with the other hand fold the towel over the
baby's head and wrap it.
4. At this point open the clamps as you hug your baby.
5. After opening the clamps (step 4), place the baby and the hibiscus towel on a safe surface and continue handling the baby.
It is important to note that the towel is not intended to be used as a carrier and that the weight of the baby should be supported throughout

  • Product Description

    You cant bathe the Baby without this Towel .
    100 percent cotton . Smooth,and soft to the touch easy to wash

    Comes in 4 colors to choose

    Pink Green Blue Cream

    When placing your order please write the color you wish to order

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